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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 19:21:02 -0700 (PDT)From: Cadoimond Sandoval Subject: Dream Boy chapter 2Trademark 2004 Allen Aldrich, All Rights Reserved.Disclaimer: You cannot distribute this story, print itfor publication, put it on another web site, displaythis story, nor publish it anywhere Preteen Tgp without theexpress written consent and permission of me. If it isin any way illegal for you to read this story in yourcountry/state/town/village/cave/hovel w/e then stop, Itake no responsibility for your actions. If your under18, you'll probably be reading it anyway, so it'd bekind of useless for me to tell you to stop. By readingthis chapter, you acknowledge you have read the fulldisclaimer.Notes: Well, theres chapter two, it should be gettingposted in nifty when I send it in... So yeah, e-mail,reply, w/e Lemme know what you guys think. Joseph wasa big help in me getting this story all worked outheh. If not for him, it would never get done.I jumped out of the shower and started to dry myself off, swiping a towelfrom the sink and wiping off the mirror. I watched the water drip off myhair, before rolling down my body and into the towel around my waist. Isomehow knew today was going to be different from any other. The boy spoketo me, or at least I think he did. Were his lips moving? I don't thinkthey were, the voice was coming from around him. Why did he leave so fast?So many questions I needed answers to, but where to Preteen Tgp get them from?I decided to call out sick to work. When I picked up the phone, though, Ididn't recognize the voice on the other side of the receiver."Allen... Help us..." the voice said. This couldn't be coming from my job!No one ever answered the phone like that before when I called."Hello? Mister Savanger? Hello? Is anyone there?"I was getting frustrated again; this wasn't happening to me! I needed toknow what was going on and I needed to know now! I hung up the phone andhad started for Preteen Tgp the door when the phone began to ring again. I froze in mysteps. Should I answer it? I didn't know who it was but I turned toretrieve the phone anyway. When I picked it up I only heard static."This isn't fucking funny... who's there? Damn it, say something!"I heard a new voice on the other end, very quiet, almost like a whisper."Allen, I need you to listen to me... there's been some odd things goingaround lately and you've been chosen to help us. You will be toldeverything you need to know once you get here, even though you don't havemuch choice in the Preteen Tgp matter..."The voice slowly trailed off and I heard another voice. I couldn't makeout the words, it sounded like there were two people talking; I heard thewhispered voice, but the other was too quiet."Are you sure? This can't be good. Joseph isn't going to like this..."The sound seemed to cut from the phone; I stood there and looked at it fora minute before I could hear the static again."Sir... Allen, I need you to close your eyes and picture the boy you sawyesterday if you could for me please."That didn't seem to be a problem for me, since I had been seeing him in myhead all day, every day, for at least three weeks. I started to get dizzyand I didn't know why; I tried to open my eyes but they seemed sealed shut.I felt like I was going to get sick but I couldn't move at all. Somethingwas holding me in an iron vice grip. My head started to scream at me; Icould feel walls closing in around me. The dizzy feeling was getting worse.If this didn't end soon, my breakfast was going to end up on whatever itwas holding me there.Then, as if it had never happened, the feeling was gone. I clenched my eyesshut and I didn't want to open them. I could feel a breeze coming fromsomewhere and I was scared. I got the chills as I felt a hand brush upagainst my face. Wherever I was, it smelled like roses and clean crispair; I could almost taste a sweetness in my mouth. That's it. I wasdreaming. I'm dreaming and I am going to wake up soon.I knew I had to open my eyes soon. I had been standing here at least 5minutes, trying to see if I was either going to wake up or die; either oneseemed possible at this point. I slowly opened one eye; I saw lots oflight, and swirling darkness. I opened my other eye and saw swirling bluesand greens. Then both sides seemed to collide together. In the center ofthem both was the boy from my dreams, the boy from the shower and from mybed. Ok, yes... it's official I am going insane; this isn't real, none ofit. It can't be. I fell to my knees and started crying."I never did anything that bad! Why me? This can't be happening! I haveto be at work in like 20 minutes. I'm going to be late, every ones going Preteen Tgp tobe mad at me... every ones always mad at me... this isn't real... it's notreality..." just sputtering on and on, I could hear him move even though hedidn't make a sound."Please, Allen... stand up. I can't greet you while you're on your knees.Well, not until later anyway," he chuckled at me, the same voice I hadheard before did belong to him.I slowly started to stand; it was then I saw Preteen Tgp I was standing on nothing!There was nothing below me, nothing around me. Nothing except for all theswirling colors, and the boy standing in front of me, wearing the sameblack clothes he had been wearing in all of my dreams."I... how did I get here? What the hell is going on? What's with allthe..." I couldn't finish my question because just as the words left mymouth, his lips closed in over mine.My eyes opened wide in shock, this kiss was nothing like what I hadexpected. It was one hundred times better, if that's even possible. Imean, the taste... the heat... the raw emotion that seemed to pass from himinto me through that one kiss. I closed my eyes, reached my arms aroundhim, and pulled his body close to mine, rubbing one hand up the back of hishead. My other hand seemed to find it's way to his face, just feeling it,moving around his ears. I knew then that this boy was mine, as I was his.We belonged together. Just as I somehow belonged in this place, I feltoddly out of place, kissing him without knowing even his name. I heardit in my head and the questions swam.Yes, I was going to wake up soon. I had to. This kid was almost asdelusional as I was. If he even existed, which I found kind of hard tobelieve at this point. I broke the kiss then, pulling back and looking atJoseph."No... this isn't real, none of it... not even you! What's going on?Please, just tell me..."Joseph took a deep breath as he crossed his arms in front of his body,spreading them out in front of him. I started to see a rippling comingfrom the air around his arms. He was in a slow dance with his arms, movingthem out in front of himself, then crossing them and drawing them back.Soon the ripples turned into an almost mirror like constancy. Imagesstarted swirling in it. I saw another boy with short dark blue hair withan odd green tint to it. His clothes were not black, like Joseph's, but alight gray, though they were almost of the exact same design. This new boyhad a blue rose, floating less then an inch Preteen Tgp above his right ear. I saw asthe boy moved through blackness, his eyes closed, his arms close to Preteen Tgp hisbody. By the way his clothes were moving it looked as if he was fallingand a wind was flowing from below him.Just as fast as the images started they were gone. Joseph was getting tearsin his eyes; I could see he felt something for this boy."Are... are you ok, Joseph?" I said while reaching my hand to grasp hisshoulder."Yes... I'm fine, but it will be better once we figure this out. It'snever happened this way before..."Joseph moved back, away from my arm, and started to fade again. I jumpedforward, grabbing his arm again."Wait! What about me? You can't just leave me here," the terror on myface for even thinking he was going to leave me here was evidence enough tostop him from fading."You're free to leave when you wish... the same way you got here," withthose last words he began to fade again, the mist that was once his bodyswirling around my outstretched arm and up, swirling around my body beforecompletely dissipating."You've got to be kidding," I said to myself, not wanting to feel thealmost-pain I felt when I first came here.I closed my eyes and saw a picture of my room, next to the phone and Istarted getting dizzy again.
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